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Transcribe with Us!

Looking for something to do as we start into longer days of darkness toward winter? Consider helping us with our Shopping Stories Transcribing Project!

The ledgers currently available for transcribing are: the Hooe, Stone & Company ledger from 1770-1773 and the personal ledger of John Mills from 1775-1785 (in 3 parts). Get a unique look at Alexandria's residents just before and during the Revolutionary War. What were they buying? What events took place during their lives? Who knew whom? How much traveling was happening - and from how far away did folks come to shop in Alexandria? Where did the goods arrive from that were sold at the store? In addition to transcribing from scratch, you can help review the completed transcriptions for accuracy. Feeling a little intimidated? We have plenty of helpful hints and instructions, plus you can always just take a look at those completed transcripts to train your eyes to get started on your own. Plans for a transcribe-a-thon are in the works. Stay tuned and let us know if you would be interested in participating!

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