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Nine Months Later - Name Recommendations

Anyone thinking about baby names yet? Like many disasters that bring families together, sometimes the happy ending is a new addition to the family nine months later. We thought we would suggest some of our favorite first names from the Glassford Alexandria and Colchester store ledgers for your consideration, just in case you are looking for something a little different or historic!

Abednigo (Adams)

Benoni (Halley/Williams)

Bettisworth (Grasty)

Blanchflower (Duncan)

Bushrod (Fountleroy)

Courts Keetch (Seager)

Drakeford (Gray)

Foushee (Tibbs)

Greenberry (Dorcey/Pinkstone)

Jabez (Downman)

Marmaduke (Beckwith)

Menassah (Lyles)

Merryman (Harrower)

Newdaygate (Owsley)

Notely (Williams)

Sharshall (Grasty)

Shapleigh (Neale)

Shadrach (Green)

And our favorite? Kitchen (Prim)! Some of these names were a mouthful, and we can only imagine them said by a parent in anger..."Greenberry Pinkstone, get in here right now and explain this broken candlestick!"

Admittedly, they are all names of men from Virginia in the 18th century, but we think many would do well as names of any gender. Remember, you heard them here first!

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