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International Women's Day 2020

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

In honor of this year's #InternationalWomensDay (albeit a few days late, but to line up with our #TranscriptionTuesday posts), we are pleased to announce the addition of 15 more femme sole women (single/widowed and had accounts in their own names), for a total of 119, found in the ledgers at the Glassford stores in Colchester and Alexandria. Perhaps by next year we'll be able to add all the female customers too (it is taking much longer than we anticipated to tease them out of the individual accounts).

Mrs Margaret West's account header at the Alexandria (1767/1768) store (folio 62)

Jean Anderson*

Mrs Catherine Arrell Mrs Sarah Barns/Barnes**

Mrs Jean Beats* Mrs Mary Blackburn Mrs Boggis

Miss Sally Boggiss Miss Sarah Ann Boggiss Winifred Boggiss** Mrs Mary Brewster Mrs Roza Bronaugh Elizabeth Brownly Mrs Mary Canterbury Ann Carpenter Mrs Constant Chapman** Mrs Mercey Chew Miss Agatha Chinn Mrs Eleanore Coleman Polly Colvert

Mrs Frances Colvill* Mrs Elizabeth Connell Winifred Connor** Mrs Ann Crawley Mrs Hannah Crump Mrs Parthenia Dade* Miss Sally Dade [Triplett] Mary Davis Eleanor Delay Mrs Elizabeth Donaldson Sybil Donaldson Mrs Mary Earp Mildred Elliot Miss Rebecca Eskridge** Mrs Winifred Ethell Mrs Elizabeth Evans Miss Agatha Fallen** Mrs Elizabeth Fallen Mrs Mary Gallahue Peggy Gardenhyre*

Mary Gates* Mrs Ann Gist Mrs Mary Gladdin** Mary Gourd Mrs Elizabeth Grayson** Miss Suckey Grayson Mrs Green Nancy Grymes Mrs Margaret Hampton Mary Harper Rachel Harper

Isabella Harrison* Betty Hill Mrs Hannah Hopewell

Jean Hubbard* Mrs Elizabeth Hunter Eleanore Hussey Mrs Rebecca Javins**

Frances Johnston* Mrs Mary Johnston Nancy Johnston Miss Sally Johnston Mrs Sarah Johnston Mrs Susannah Johnston Elizabeth Jones Elizabeth Key Mrs Langfitt

Jean Langley* Mrs Sarah Lewis Letitia Macey Mrs Sarah Manley*

Mrs Ann Mason Elizabeth McIntosh Sybil Milton Mrs Ann Moxley** Miss Hannah Neale** Mrs Mary Nickols**

Jeanie Owsley* Elizabeth Payne

Mrs Milche Pearson* Elizabeth Pierce Mrs Ann Cox Piper Elizabeth Prestly

Enslaved Rachel Mrs Ramsey Mrs Susannah Ratcliff Nancy Regan Elizabeth Reid Sarah Reid Mrs Mary Rogers**

Miss Jeanie Saunders* Ruth Saunders Miss Elizabeth Sebastian

Miss Molly Sebastian*

Mrs Senior* Mrs Shelton Mrs Ann Simmonds

Mrs Simpson* Mary Smith Miss Nancy Smith Mrs Ann Spencer Mrs Elizabeth Steptoe Enslaved Sue Sarah Thomas

Mrs Jean Turley Mrs Ann Tyler Mrs Elizabeth Valen Miss Sally/Sarah Wade** Miss Valinda Wade** Mrs Valinda Wade

Mrs Wagener* Elizabeth Waters Mrs Ann Watson Mrs West Mrs Elizabeth West Mrs Margaret West Mrs Sybil West Mrs Whale Mrs Sarah Wigginton

Sarah Winsor* Mrs Margret Young

*New female account holders identified since 2019

**Women with additional information or slight spelling modifications since 2019

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