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International Women's Day 2021

In honor of this year's #InternationalWomensDay, we are pleased to announce the addition of 39 women found within the Colchester 1760-1761 ledger. These women did not have accounts of their own, but were contained within others accounts. This ledger contained at least 60 female shoppers, including 4 who were enslaved (one with her own account):

Mrs Sarah Barns*

Enslaved Betty (enslaved by Bertrand Ewell & rented to the Colchester store)

Miss Nancy Bronaugh

Mrs Roza Bronaugh*

Enslaved Celia (enslaved by the Colchester store)

Mrs Mercy Chew*

Mrs Cockrill

Charity Colclough

Polly Colvert*

Miss Connell (daughter of Mrs Elizabeth Connell)

Mrs Elizabeth Connell*

Mrs Crupper (wife of Richard)

Mrs Curtius (wife of Jacob Frederick)

Judith Davis

Mrs Doyle (wife of James)

Mrs Ellis

Miss Betty Ewell (daughter of Bertrand)

Mrs Elizabeth Fallen*

Mrs Ford (wife of John)

FNU Ford (sister to Edward)

Elizabeth Goatley

Elizabeth Gorram

Miss Haslep

Mrs Jacobs

Mrs Rebecca Javins*

Enslaved Kate (enslaved by Mrs Elizabeth Fallen)

Mrs Keith

Hannah Kellertrain

Mrs Kille (wife of James)

Mrs Sarah Lewis*

Mrs Lindsay (wife of Robert)

Mrs Loyd (wife of Robert)

Miss Marshall

Mrs Ann Mason*

Mrs Mills

Mrs Ann More

Mary Nickols*

Mrs Paul (wife of James)

Elizabeth Payne*

Elizabeth Pierce*

Mrs Susannah Ratcliff*

Miss Rogers (daughter of Mary)

Mrs Mary Rogers*

Jean Shields

Mrs Simpson* (widow of William Simpson)

Miss Nancy Smith*

Mrs Stone (wife of Thomas)

Enslaved Sue*

Mrs Tillet (wife of Samuel)

Miss Turley

Mrs Turley (wife of Peter)

Mrs Jean Turley*

Mrs Violet (wife of Hugh)

Mrs Valinda Wade*

Mrs West*

Mrs Whale*

Mrs Wilson (wife of Richard)

Miss Young (daughter of Margret) Mrs Margret Young*

FNU LNU (sister to William Pinkstone)

FNU LNU (aka Lady)

*Has an account in the 1760/1761 ledger and was included in previous announcements.

We will continue to search for and identify women in the ledgers - stay tuned as the community expands beyond account holders to the larger corpus of shoppers in Colchester and Alexandria, Virginia.

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