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Hooe, Stone & Company - Index of Account Holders
1770-1773, Alexandria Account Ledger

The Hooe, Stone & Company Alexandria store ledger has an internal index created when the original document was written.  Similar to the Glassford Index of Account Holders, the index presented here contains not only the list from the internal index, but a page by page review confirming all account holders found in the ledger. 

At present, the index includes 239 accounts.  Eleven accounts belong to women, of which only 3 also shopped at Glassford stores.  Twenty-two accounts belonged to the store detailing specific items, e.g. bags, tobacco, wheat, iron, etc.  Five accounts were for ships, with the Schooner John also having 7 additional accounts specifically related to its cargo.  Only 2 accounts included a notation of the account holder needing security; only 1 account was notated as deceased, William Carr Lane who passed away in December 1770. 

Unlike with the Glassford index, this ledger's transcription phase is in its infancy.  Working with From the Page, History Revealed launched its Shopping Stories transcription effort in August 2021.  In the hopes of helping transcribers quickly find the people and places of interest to them, included in the index is the folio (page) connected to each account.  You can also find the original images through the New York Public Library's Digital Collections.  Discovering all of this store's shoppers will happen much later.  Stay tuned as we continue to learn more about the Hooe Stone & Company's Alexandria shoppers and their interests!

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